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Our Products and Services

Professional interior plant service service and interior landscaping include sales or leasing of interior plants, with guaranteed maintenance. Trained horticulturists maintain interior plants on a regularly scheduled basis, with declined plantings replaced at no charge.

Maintenance versus Lease Accounts

The two most common programs for obtaining and maintaining interior plants are:

1,  Purchase with Guaranteed Maintenance

Client purchases the interior plants and planters for a one time charge. Guaranteed Maintenance: Additionally, an interior plant maintenance program is established that ensures the maintenance and guaranteed replacement of the interior plants. Maintenance charges are billed monthly

2. Lease with Guaranteed Maintenance

No up front purchase cost but monthly fees are higher for interior plant lease than Maintenance costs alone, to accommodate the interior plants and planters.

For extended periods of time, (10-12 months or greater), the total costs will be less for the Purchase with Maintenance program.


In addition to live plantings, we also provide floral rotation programs, seasonal plantings, holiday decorations, silks and preserved foliage.

See our Gallery for images of the more commonly used interior plant varieties

Virtually any interior plant variety commonly used in the interior landscape industry.

For specialized uses where live plants are not feasible.

Color Programs
Including bromeliads, orchids, poinsettias, Easter Lilies, Chrysanthemums and Kalanchoes.

For specialized uses in exterior free standing planters.

See our Gallery for images of the more commonly used lines of interior planters. Includes: fiberglass, molded resins, terra cotta, metals, plastic, & earthenware.

Including decorative, mosses, soil liners, leaf shines and protective mats.

 Interscape Systems... Experience the professional difference in interior plant service.
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