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How We Can Help


New Accounts

Our trained sales staff will suggest a design with the proper interior palnts and interior planters for the existing conditions. We can work from a site visit or floor plans. A proposal for the interior landscape services will be submitted with price options for purchase or lease of interior plantings, with guaranteed maintenance.

Existing Accounts

We can service your existing interior plants, and guarantee them as well. If your current interior landscape is less than fresh and vibrant, or in need of replacement, please give us the opportunity to provide you with our professional service. We can most likely save you money as well.

We are the oldest interior landscaping firm in the Orlando area, with over thirty five years experience.   We are currently operating in over a dozen metropolitan areas throughout Florida.

There are several distinct advantages to contracting with Interscape Systems.

With over 35 years of business experience in Central Florida, we know how to save you money on your indoor plant service and maintenance.

No Term
We do not require a contract for interior plant services. You are free to cancel at any time.

Price Advantage
Due to our extensive experience, and materials sources, we are able to offer a distinct price
advantage over our competitors.

Live Plants Purify the Air

Researchers with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA), have concluded that live interior plants can effectively filter contaminants from the air. Interior air contaminants from sources such as furniture, drapes, insulation and carpets can cause a number of unexplained symptoms. Live plants eliminate many of these noxious gasses.

       Interscape Systems... Experience the professional difference in interior plant service.
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